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What is the cloud?

The cloud is the name for web-based software. you just access it from your device anywhere with browser. Cloud accounting software is stored on a remote server in a secure location. . You can access and update your accounts from anywhere, on any desktop, It also means that, if your computer crashes, you don’t lose your accounting data as it’s all stored remotely.

Why choose cloud accounting?

You don’t have to install and maintain software on individual desktops. you just log in and get on. The software is updated in one place, meaning everyone is updated at the same time There’s real-time reporting, which means balances are more accurate up-to-the-minute.

With cloud accounting, you’re always working from one place, no matter where you physically are. Save money with cloud accounting There’s no need to fork out for expensive equipment or hardware. Neither do you have pay to install and maintain software on individual desktops. There’s just one subscription fee for the service. Updates, maintenance and other running costs like IT care are absorbed into your subscription so there aren’t any unexpected payments due.

Is the cloud secure?

Storing your data on external servers offers plenty of security features. Foremost, it means your data will survive even if your personal device crashes. If your computer goes kaput, your data survives. With backup servers, you can still access your data should anything happen to the primary server (like a fire or crash). Any reputable cloud accounting software absorbs this into the initial cost, so you’re not shelling out for extra copies of your data. They’re just there if you ever need them.

Sharing data between multiple users is also more secure using the cloud. Just use a secure password to access the data. There’s no need to rely on a flash drive that risks crashing or getting lost. Furthermore, cloud accounting leaves no trace of financial data on company computers, so if your device gets misplaced or stolen – there’s nothing sensitive for anyone to find.

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