About Us

Peacksoft has been providing intuitive online accounting software for small business owners particularly private limited companies in India. Saravanan Kannan who found himself struggling to get the reports as per compliance requirement, duplication of work to file various returns.

Also it ends up in filing with errors because of manual intervention. He has to use different utility/ software to complete the work

So, he had decided to develop own software to automate most of the transactions, so that it will help to file returns directly without duplication of work.

Saravanan along with Debasish who is an IITian, with more than 18 years of experience in software development and architect of many products started Peacksoft during mid September 2015.

The product FinAcct from Peacksoft is simple to use accounting features with automated filing of all the compliance requirements for the companies, it also helps Chartered Accountants to validate the transactions, source, compliance returns of their clients anywhere, any time.

Also they can file the IT returns of the companies with the department by just a click of a button. It reduces turnaround time and increases efficiency.